Hot right now: Gucci belt

Hi!! Everyone with an Instagram account (full of celebs) has certainly seen it: the golden Gucci belt. This belt is hot right now and telling you that celebs like Kendal Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have already been spotted wearing it says enough. They come in 2 sizes and 4 5 colors in total. The skinny one (€260) comes in black, brown and creme. The bigger, ‘casual’ one … Continue reading Hot right now: Gucci belt

I see, I see what you don’t see and it is …

A new sweater from Bieriel!! Open your eyes, and you’ll see the true beauty of their sweaters. 🤗 Another eye opener is the heat you’ll feel if you’re wearing it, since it’s made with a fleece-like material on the inside. This sweater is easy to combine and gives you a comfy, relaxed look with an extra touch. The white pads on the arms give it a … Continue reading I see, I see what you don’t see and it is …

Oh K!


Already stressing out over finding the right Xmas presents, the cold weather, exams, or other things? I stress about almost everything in my life, for real; I even get stressed about what I should pick for dinner in a restaurant before I even get there. I really have a “I don’t know what I want syndrome” 💁🏽😂 But stressing is bad, bad for your skin. So what to do about it in a fun way?  Continue reading “Oh K!”

Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’


After having a depression about my fading tan, I am back on track to start blogging. JK: I was just so busy with starting university, that I barely had time left to blog. But no worries: I’m still alive. Even better: I’m still alive AND I have found a great self tanner, so no need to get depressed about your tan now that fall is right behind the corner (read: right in front of your face). Continue reading “Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’”

Fall is (not really) in town

Hi babes!

Soooooo Belgium is cooling down step by step, but as you probably know: the climate in Belgium is crazy as a coconut. 2 days of indian summer, 1 day of fall weather and then more days with tropical temperatures. And when did I decide to take pictures for a blogpost? Right, on the only day of fall…. So yeah, here I am, right on time for my first fall post. I think you really can’t go more basic than this outfit, but hey, it’s a fall outfit so it should be fashionable to go outside and comfy to snuggle up with with a hot macchiato. Continue reading “Fall is (not really) in town”

Feeling like the Pink Panter in my Le Touriste Perdu outfit


This post is all about pink: my pink shoes, pink sweater and pink bag (is it a bag? is it a drawing? is it even real? who knows… 😜). Sooooo since it’s becoming more and more obvious that summer is over, I needed some pink things to cheer me up. The team of Le Touriste Perdu came right on time to save me: a pink sweater and a pink bag, what does a girl need more? Add these cute pink sneakers (with pompoms!) and you’ll feel (read: look) like you have it all together. Continue reading “Feeling like the Pink Panter in my Le Touriste Perdu outfit”