I see, I see what you don’t see and it is …

A new sweater from Bieriel!! Open your eyes, and you’ll see the true beauty of their sweaters. 🤗 Another eye opener is the heat you’ll feel if you’re wearing it, since it’s made with a fleece-like material on the inside. This sweater is easy to combine and gives you a comfy, relaxed look with an extra touch. The white pads on the arms give it a … Continue reading I see, I see what you don’t see and it is …

Oh K!


Already stressing out over finding the right Xmas presents, the cold weather, exams, or other things? I stress about almost everything in my life, for real; I even get stressed about what I should pick for dinner in a restaurant before I even get there. I really have a “I don’t know what I want syndrome” 💁🏽😂 But stressing is bad, bad for your skin. So what to do about it in a fun way?  Continue reading “Oh K!”

Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’


After having a depression about my fading tan, I am back on track to start blogging. JK: I was just so busy with starting university, that I barely had time left to blog. But no worries: I’m still alive. Even better: I’m still alive AND I have found a great self tanner, so no need to get depressed about your tan now that fall is right behind the corner (read: right in front of your face). Continue reading “Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’”

Fall is (not really) in town

Hi babes!

Soooooo Belgium is cooling down step by step, but as you probably know: the climate in Belgium is crazy as a coconut. 2 days of indian summer, 1 day of fall weather and then more days with tropical temperatures. And when did I decide to take pictures for a blogpost? Right, on the only day of fall…. So yeah, here I am, right on time for my first fall post. I think you really can’t go more basic than this outfit, but hey, it’s a fall outfit so it should be fashionable to go outside and comfy to snuggle up with with a hot macchiato. Continue reading “Fall is (not really) in town”

Feeling like the Pink Panter in my Le Touriste Perdu outfit


This post is all about pink: my pink shoes, pink sweater and pink bag (is it a bag? is it a drawing? is it even real? who knows… 😜). Sooooo since it’s becoming more and more obvious that summer is over, I needed some pink things to cheer me up. The team of Le Touriste Perdu came right on time to save me: a pink sweater and a pink bag, what does a girl need more? Add these cute pink sneakers (with pompoms!) and you’ll feel (read: look) like you have it all together. Continue reading “Feeling like the Pink Panter in my Le Touriste Perdu outfit”

Collab: Willow Body

Coucou!! Here I am again, after a great vacay in Spain! Due to all the time I spent tanning, I had no time left to blog, but as you can see right now: I’m still alive and kicking. I also didn’t do nothing but tan, I also took my time to review this new scrub I got in my mailbox right on time: Willow Body Black Coconut scrub. Because hey, tanning all day long is one thing, but maintaining your tan is another!

Continue reading “Collab: Willow Body”

Collab: iWhite Teethwhitening


For this post I teamed up with iWhite, a company in the branch of teeth whitening. So first of all: Thanks for sending me this Instant Whitening kit! I was happy as a hippo when my kit arrived and couldn’t be more excited to try it out! My kit contained a whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash and of course a box of whitening mouthpieces. It had a very trustworthy and professional look, so I decided to give it a try. I first checked if these products didn’t contain any hydrogen peroxide, since I already have very sensitive teeth and I would be heartbroken if my teeth would lose strength. But no worries: this kit is totally harmless for sensitive teeth!

Continue reading “Collab: iWhite Teethwhitening”

Baggy boyfriend jeans ft. lovely LnKnits


Here I am again, exploding from enthusiasm to write a new outfit post!! For this post, I went to Ikea, and what’s a must when going to Ikea: a comfortable outfit so you can do what you gotta do, namely: load tons of cute furniture (for my room next year!!) into your shopping cart. No need to struggle with a fragile dress or top, so I went for a pair of destroyed, baggy boyfriend jeans. Continue reading “Baggy boyfriend jeans ft. lovely LnKnits”

She who leaves a trail of glitter, is never forgotten


This is my second outfit post and once again: i’m THRILLED!!! Even more than the first time, if that’s possible 😜. My outfit was composed by a store with the sweeeeetest team I’ve ever known: Helou (it’s a multibrand store in this little village ‘Wiekevorst’). They have the coolest brands and they’re way too kind!! And I can know, since I’ve worked there 😉. Elyne and Patricia composed my outfit, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outfit to start fall in, than this one. They chose a mix of Essentiel Antwerp and Dexters, after having tried on many other cool outfits from Helou. Click “read more” (blow on the left) to read the whole post! Continue reading “She who leaves a trail of glitter, is never forgotten”