Who’s that girl

The best moments in life are when you bump into something truely wonderful, especially when you were looking for something totally different than you originally were looking for. This experience of lucky finds is called serendipity and it’s the exact thing I want you to go through while reading my blog.


Hi, I’m Lenthe Bellens, a 19 y/o girl who loves the small things in life. I started this blog to share the things I love with all of you. You can expect things like fashion, food, gadgets, and so much more. Except for blogging, I’m also a law student so don’t shoot me if I miss the opportunity to post something every week. However; I’ll try my best to keep you posted every Sunday! PS: if you can’t find me on the blog, make sure to check out my Instagram page. I’m a huge addict, so daily posts are not uncommon