Guacamole deluxe

Coucouuu!! Today I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ recipe for the best guacamole ever. For real, this is not some basic guacamole, it’s like an upgraded luxurious version. 😂Those who’re following me on Instagram, have probably already seen this guacamole in one of my many Instastories, but today I’m giving you the recipe. As you could expect; this recipe is as simple as possible. This makes … Continue reading Guacamole deluxe

5 hotspots in Barcelona


As you’ve probably noticed due to the spam of my Barcelona pictures on Instagram (attention; it’s not over yet haha I’m sorryyyy 😂); I’ve been on a short citytrip to Barcelona. I had a great time, and almost forgot how pretty that city is (and what a great fashion paradise?!). But describing all the things I did in particular, and what my thoughts were on that, isn’t that entertaining to read. Therefore; a super short list of 5 must visit hotspots in Barcelona!  Continue reading “5 hotspots in Barcelona”