Coucou!! You all probably have a source of inspo. I use my pinterest account, and recently I also started using the instagram save function. I just loooove to get inspired by other people, and as a blogger I think you can never receive enough of inspo. Also, seeing when an Instagram post gets saved a lot, gives ME another source of statistics, since the more … Continue reading // MAKING THE DREAM WORK – EMMA GELAUDE //


Coucou!! I’m soooo excited for the post of today! 2 reasons for that; (1) tomorrow university begins again (2) I get to begin it with an amazingly pretty bag, which I’m going to tell you about in this post. As some of you know I’m starting off my university year in Antwerp, and I’m so excited and looking forward to it since a long time! … Continue reading // BACK TO UNI WITH DUIFHUIZEN //


Hi there!!

Today’s post is all about being creative. I’ve teamed up with Veritas Europe to launch their new campaign, which is ideal for the back to school theme. I totally LOVE this campaign, since (1) you get a customized bag (2) there is something for everyone. For real, whether you’re a girly girl, or a more sassy girl, you will find something that suites you.  Continue reading “// FROM ZERO TO HERO WITH VERITAS //”



Today’s post is all about the love of my life (one of the many loves I have in life 😂🤷🏽), namely about food. And it even gets better; it’s about the food in Milano, baby! Read on to get to know my top 5 fav hotspots to get some lunch/dinner in Milan. Warning: this will be a loooong post, since my love for food is endless, so this post should be as well. 😂

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Today I’m showing you one of my outfit posts from when I was in Milan. Summer and especially hot temperatures are all fun and games until the heat reaches a temperature above 30°C. Temperatures higher than that give me the extreme challenge of not knowing what to wear since everything is too hot to move. For real, I love hot temperatures, but only if I can lay back in order to maintain my tan ànd with a refreshment in my hand. 😹 You can’t expect me to actually do things in hot temperatures! 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Hi there!!

Since I noticed I haven’t posted a fashion outfit lately, I thought it was time to shoot some pics again. This outfit has recently become my favorite of this season, I think. For real, in my eyes it has everything; fresh, girly and with a clear “don’t mess with me” message (lol, it’s written in pink, and just contains the words ‘girl boss’, but still I think the message is clear, right?😂💁🏽)

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Flying high in my boyfriend jeans

Today I’m showing you my second (and already the last 💔) outfit post from my trip to Barcelona. As the previous outfit it had to be comfortable to explore the city to the fullest, ànd in order to catch my flight. ✈️️ Therefore I decided that my baggy, destroyed boyfriend jeans were perfect for this occasion. I like boyfriend jeans a lot, but I think it’s hard to … Continue reading Flying high in my boyfriend jeans

Hot right now: Gucci belt

Hi!! Everyone with an Instagram account (full of celebs) has certainly seen it: the golden Gucci belt. This belt is hot right now and telling you that celebs like Kendal Jenner and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have already been spotted wearing it says enough. They come in 2 sizes and 4 5 colors in total. The skinny one (€260) comes in black, brown and creme. The bigger, ‘casual’ one … Continue reading Hot right now: Gucci belt