Hairtransformation; back to my roots


Today I’m telling you the story of my life. Lol I’m exaggerating again, it’s just the story of my hair, but since my hair means everything to me, it’s basically the same as the story of my life (literally then). 😂 For this post I stopped by @ Bozzaar, the new place to be in Wiekevorst (and further than that as well, for sure!).  Continue reading “Hairtransformation; back to my roots”

Guest: The Beautician (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hi there!

Today I’m introducing a special guest @ Lucky Finds: Elien from The Beautician! And as you can see from the header image (and others); this girl has some talent. I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, simply because I have no clue where to start. I always see these gorgeous makeup looks on instagram etc, but never managed to get that perfect result without looking like my little cousin tried something on my face. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Hair routine


Wow, my latest beauty post did great so THANK YOU for that!! Since then, I received messages about my hair. Turns out there is some mystery about it; do I have curled or straight hair? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… 😏 you know you love me, XOXO… Haha jk!! Contrary to what most of you thought (from the people that requested this post) I naturally have curled hair. But what kind of curls I have really depends on what products I use.  Continue reading “Hair routine”

Oh K!


Already stressing out over finding the right Xmas presents, the cold weather, exams, or other things? I stress about almost everything in my life, for real; I even get stressed about what I should pick for dinner in a restaurant before I even get there. I really have a “I don’t know what I want syndrome” 💁🏽😂 But stressing is bad, bad for your skin. So what to do about it in a fun way?  Continue reading “Oh K!”

Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’


After having a depression about my fading tan, I am back on track to start blogging. JK: I was just so busy with starting university, that I barely had time left to blog. But no worries: I’m still alive. Even better: I’m still alive AND I have found a great self tanner, so no need to get depressed about your tan now that fall is right behind the corner (read: right in front of your face). Continue reading “Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’”

Collab: Willow Body

Coucou!! Here I am again, after a great vacay in Spain! Due to all the time I spent tanning, I had no time left to blog, but as you can see right now: I’m still alive and kicking. I also didn’t do nothing but tan, I also took my time to review this new scrub I got in my mailbox right on time: Willow Body Black Coconut scrub. Because hey, tanning all day long is one thing, but maintaining your tan is another!

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Collab: iWhite Teethwhitening


For this post I teamed up with iWhite, a company in the branch of teeth whitening. So first of all: Thanks for sending me this Instant Whitening kit! I was happy as a hippo when my kit arrived and couldn’t be more excited to try it out! My kit contained a whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash and of course a box of whitening mouthpieces. It had a very trustworthy and professional look, so I decided to give it a try. I first checked if these products didn’t contain any hydrogen peroxide, since I already have very sensitive teeth and I would be heartbroken if my teeth would lose strength. But no worries: this kit is totally harmless for sensitive teeth!

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