Today’s post is all about the love of my life (one of the many loves I have in life 😂🤷🏽), namely about food. And it even gets better; it’s about the food in Milano, baby! Read on to get to know my top 5 fav hotspots to get some lunch/dinner in Milan. Warning: this will be a loooong post, since my love for food is endless, so this post should be as well. 😂

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Today I’m showing you one of my outfit posts from when I was in Milan. Summer and especially hot temperatures are all fun and games until the heat reaches a temperature above 30°C. Temperatures higher than that give me the extreme challenge of not knowing what to wear since everything is too hot to move. For real, I love hot temperatures, but only if I can lay back in order to maintain my tan ànd with a refreshment in my hand. 😹 You can’t expect me to actually do things in hot temperatures! 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Hi loves!!

Soooo after a break (which lasted too long for me 🙄), I’m finally back in the blogging business. Of course I wanted to start of this new ‘season of blogging’ with an exclusive post. Therefore I’ve teamed up with the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milano! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably all noticed that I’ve been in Milan after my exams (sorry not sorry for all the spam 😜). We had a wonderful stay there, and of course I didn’t do nothing but shopping and eating. I also thought about my blog, and have some collaborations coming up. One of them is this one with the Excelsior Hotel Gallia, and more in particularly their Shiseido Spa. Keep reading on if you want to know more about this gorgeous hotel and its spa!!  Continue reading “// SPA TIME @ EXCELSIOR HOTEL GALLIA //”


Hi there!!

Since I noticed I haven’t posted a fashion outfit lately, I thought it was time to shoot some pics again. This outfit has recently become my favorite of this season, I think. For real, in my eyes it has everything; fresh, girly and with a clear “don’t mess with me” message (lol, it’s written in pink, and just contains the words ‘girl boss’, but still I think the message is clear, right?😂💁🏽)

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Hairtransformation; back to my roots


Today I’m telling you the story of my life. Lol I’m exaggerating again, it’s just the story of my hair, but since my hair means everything to me, it’s basically the same as the story of my life (literally then). 😂 For this post I stopped by @ Bozzaar, the new place to be in Wiekevorst (and further than that as well, for sure!).  Continue reading “Hairtransformation; back to my roots”

Guest: The Beautician (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hi there!

Today I’m introducing a special guest @ Lucky Finds: Elien from The Beautician! And as you can see from the header image (and others); this girl has some talent. I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, simply because I have no clue where to start. I always see these gorgeous makeup looks on instagram etc, but never managed to get that perfect result without looking like my little cousin tried something on my face. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Guacamole deluxe

Coucouuu!! Today I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ recipe for the best guacamole ever. For real, this is not some basic guacamole, it’s like an upgraded luxurious version. 😂Those who’re following me on Instagram, have probably already seen this guacamole in one of my many Instastories, but today I’m giving you the recipe. As you could expect; this recipe is as simple as possible. This makes … Continue reading Guacamole deluxe

Hair routine


Wow, my latest beauty post did great so THANK YOU for that!! Since then, I received messages about my hair. Turns out there is some mystery about it; do I have curled or straight hair? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… 😏 you know you love me, XOXO… Haha jk!! Contrary to what most of you thought (from the people that requested this post) I naturally have curled hair. But what kind of curls I have really depends on what products I use.  Continue reading “Hair routine”