Hi there!!

Today’s post is all about being creative. I’ve teamed up with Veritas Europe to launch their new campaign, which is ideal for the back to school theme. I totally LOVE this campaign, since (1) you get a customized bag (2) there is something for everyone. For real, whether you’re a girly girl, or a more sassy girl, you will find something that suites you. 
I looooove this campaign, since it brings out the creativity in me, ànd since my result is so cute. This transformation (is it socially accepted to call this a glow up? 😂) is the bomb, and I decided to go with a rather basic, yet glam end result.

Sooooo since there are so much possibilities, I had some struggles picking what I eventually wanted. The blame is not on Veritas for that, since I ALWAYS struggle if I need to choose something. I have some sort of identity crisis or something, I think 🤷🏽. I’m like “okay I’m gonna make this bag into a really girly them“, while 2 seconds later I’m like “okay no, I’m feeling sassy, I don’t need no girly things?!” 😂

In the end I decided to go for a color palette of black, red, white and gold. These fit my new sweater and some clothes I bought perfectly, and in that theme I could easily stick to my idea of the ‘minimalistic yet glam’ vibe. Also, I received a lot, A LOT, of products, which made the decision even harder, since all of the items were so pretty!! I couldn’t put ALL of the items on my bag, so I decided I’ll customize some other things as well with the remaining things (keep an eye on my instagram!, I’ll Tag Veritas in it as soon as they’re done).

The end result is – in my opinion- awesome. I decided not to go over the top, since I was already satisfied after only adding these items, this bag definitely doesn’t needs a lot, but a little something extra makes this bag look so pretty and unique.

Check out all the possibilities on Veritas.com (or just visit one of their shops!).
What would you make this bag into?


– This post was written in collaboration with Veritas Europe. –


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