soooo excited for today’s post, since (1) it’s about food (2) more in particular, it’s about candy, and (3) they turned out super super great. In fact it’s super easy to make, but somehow I managed already 2 times to mess this super easy recipe up. However, third time’s the charm, right? ✨

Okay, so let’s get this party started. For real, it’s like a real party, since I gave this merengue a twist. More in particular: I made them pink, and as a little extra (on top of the pink color 😂) I also put some ‘twirls’ on top of some of them. Also they have this super special effect of looking like some sort of rhinestones. I’m not sure how I accomplished that last thing. However; it looks fine. 😂🤷🏽

What you need:
🍭 135 gr of granulated sugar
🍭 135 gr of egg whites
🍭 135 gr of powdered sugar
🍭 a pinch of corn starch
🍭 additional: edible pigments
🍭 baking paper

🍭 preheat the oven at 120°C
🍭 put the egg whites & granulated sugar together and mix them true. This needs to be done very thoroughly, since you really can’t have any clots in this substance.
🍭 add the powdered sugar and cornstarch. Also here; mix thoroughly! You need to mix until you can see the stripes the mixer leaves.
🍭 if you want them to be pink (or any other color) you have to add some of the pigment in this phase of the proces!
🍭 squirt little ‘splashes’ of the dough on top of the baking paper. Make sure there is enough space between the several splashes, since they’ll still rise. If you want them to have these little twirls on top of them you need to do that now; just put some pigment in a separate bowl, dip a knife/toothpick in it and ‘draw’ on the dough.
🍭 Put it in the oven for 1 hour. Make sure to open the oven every 15 minutes for about 1 minute. Like that the fluid from your oven can leave the oven, and the merengue will become fluffy.

That’s it!!


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