Today I’m showing you one of my outfit posts from when I was in Milan. Summer and especially hot temperatures are all fun and games until the heat reaches a temperature above 30°C. Temperatures higher than that give me the extreme challenge of not knowing what to wear since everything is too hot to move. For real, I love hot temperatures, but only if I can lay back in order to maintain my tan ànd with a refreshment in my hand. 😹 You can’t expect me to actually do things in hot temperatures! 🤷🏽‍♀️

Sooo since we were in Milan, I couldn’t do anything but get up, man up, dress up, and leave our hotel. So in order not to get too overheated, I chose my pink satin twinset. It’s a twinset designed by Rachel Moore, and I couldn’t love a twinset more than I love this one. For real, at first I was afraid that the pieces wouldn’t fit properly, or that the shorts wouldn’t be exactly my size etc.

Buttttt luckily Rachel has some serious designing skills (for real, give this girl a follow. She’s the sweetest and super talented so she’s definitely somebody you’ll hear more about in the future!!). Both the top & bottom fitted me perfectly! Also this fabric was perfect to explore the hot city, since it covers up the proper parts, but still is kind of ‘breezy’.


Rachel moore: @rachelmoorehq

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