Hi there!!

I’m going to tell you in advance; I’m super excited about this post. 3 main reasons; (1) I made my fav snack (2) the result is awesome (3) can’t wait to eat them (all by myself, not sharing any of these 😂🍓)

Okay so, this is a recipe that is too easy to even be written down. For real, if you can’t make this snack, I recommend you to (1) see a doctor (2) let your mom make it. 😉 But okay, okay, enough of the small talk. Too excited to share this recipe with you, so I better get started;

What you need; 
🍓 strawberries (the biggest amount possible, afterward you’ll always complain you didn’t make enough of them)
🍓 white chocolate (or brown chocolate, it’s up to you. I used the white one this time)
🍓 some oatmeal (not necessary as well! I did add it though)
🍓 red food coloring

Follow the next steps in order to mess up your diet & summer body; 
🍓 don’t wash the strawberries, this will cause that the chocolate won’t stick well to the strawberries!
🍓 melt the chocolate, and add some food coloring if you want it to be pink. (duh, of course you want that 💁🏽‍♀️)
🍓 if you want oatmeal crisps as well, crush them into small pieces and stir them under the melted chocolate.
🍓 dip the strawberries in the chocolate and put them on a plate. Let it rest in the fridge for about 3 hours (3 hours time to decide whether you really want to mess up your diet hahaha 😂 It took me literally 2 seconds to realize that my summer body (non existing yet) is not as important as these snacks 🤷🏽).

that’s it!!

PS; if you’re still doubting about your summer body; I don’t think these snacks are thàt bad, since, hey, it consists off mostly fruits, right? 🤗


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