Hi there!

A while ago I went to Antwerp, and what’s the number 1 necessity when wandering through the fashion capital of Belgium? Right, a great outfit. I chose to go for all kinds of basic items, since essentials never disappoint. 

Since the weather in Belgium can be good, but never good enough, I decided to go for a black pair of skinny jeans. Okay, the sun was shining, but eventually it gets cold in the evening and since I’m the kind of person that’s always too cold, I wore black skinny jeans on a (rather) sunny day.

I combined it with an IT-shirt, that has VOGUE written on it. It’s a basic white T-shirt, with just black lettres on it, but somehow I like this tee a lot. While thinking where I got it from, I just realized that I got it for free with a Vogue magazine some years ago. 😂 Nothing wrong with that, right? On top of the T-shirt I wore my black biker jacket.

My accessoires consisted of my black tote bag (not in pictures), and my backless loafers. These loafers are my best purchase from 2017 (so far 😉), since they’re a real must-have in every fashionistas closet. I might buy some other pairs in other colors (a red pair is def still on my wishlist!). For jewelry I chose a basic black choker and my little silver necklace with a skull filed with diamonds on it.


Jeans: Zara
T-shirt: Vogue
Loafers: Loavies
Biker jacket: Zara

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