Today I tried to make churros. I ate a ton of these in Barcelona, and always when I see a place where they sell these in Belgium, I have to get some. For real, it’s stronger than myself, I guess. 😂

But okay, at first instance I thought that it was way easier to make than I thought. It’s not impossible to make, but you really have to have some muscles to get the dough right, and all of you probably know; I don’t have any muscles in my arms. Anyways, I did succeed to make them, so girls, just give it a try. Besides that, a workout now and then never killed nobody!

What do you need;
🍴 2,5 dl water
🍴 1 dl sunflower oil
🍴 200 gr flour
🍴 2 eggs
🍴 pinch of salt
🍴 granulated sugar

What you have to do; 
🍴 boil the water with a a pinch of salt
🍴 add the sunflower oil and flour to it, and stir until it’s smooth. This is the workout part I told you about, The dough is really thick!
🍴 remove from the stove, add the 2 eggs and keep staring. (I think I literally burned all the calories I ate afterwards from the churros 😜)
🍴 heat the frying pan up to 180°C. Get the little basket out of the frying pan.
🍴 Put the dough in a pastry bag with a star end. Squirt some dough in the basket from the frying pan, fry it for 5 minutes and you’re ready to snack!

What are your favorite snacks?



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