3X Hema review


First of all: For the international readers amongst you that aren’t from the Netherlands or Belgium; I’m sorry. Haha, I truly feel sorry for you guys, since (1) you don’t have any Hema shops near, which would be a drama to me and (2) you probably don’t have any advantage in reading this post, since all 3 reviews are about Hema products. Sorryyyy!!!

Okay, so I have to get this review started. I chose for products from Hema, a store that I’ve always liked very much, and recently they gave their beauty products an upgrade. They look cute, that’s for sure, but are they good as well? I’ve a very sensitive skin, so finding fun products to spoil myself isn’t that easy. In general; I’m allergic to cheap products, but somehow I sometimes find a ‘match’ with some cheap products. I was praying that I could cope these products, since they look so cute and they smell awesome.

And… My prayers have been heard!! I could stand all 3 products. I’m happy as a hippo, that I can start using the other varieties of this collection as well!! + they’re super cheap, so I’ve already bought myself a ton of them.

The bath bomb
This bath bomb is good. It didn’t have the ‘Lush-like’ special effects, but it colored my bathtub light blue and the scent was great and fresh. Afterwards, my skin felt soft like a baby.

The face mask
I love this mask. It’s very refreshing for your skin after a rough day (not that I have so many rough days, lol 😂 living the happy life of a student), and I now use it every weekend/friday. When applying this mask, 1 word immediately pops up in my head: ‘refreshing’. It feels like it puts your skin on a break for a while, because of the cold feeling it has. That cold feeling is produced by the gellish-like texture. I love the fact that this mask doesn’t have a ‘cream’ of ‘lotion’-like composition, since that always feels rather ‘heavy’ on my skin. The scent is great as well; fresh spearmint.

The body lotion
This product was the most trickiest of them all, since I can’t stand a lot of different (body ) lotions on my skin. I was frightened of getting a rash or something, since the sun’s finally out, and I need my skirts. I therefore tried it on my stomach at first, and since I didn’t seem to be allergic, I went all the way (lol 😜). I smelled so great, that I even didn’t wear any perfume that day, I just put some of the lotion behind my ears so that everyone could enjoy the smell with me. 😂


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