Hairtransformation; back to my roots


Today I’m telling you the story of my life. Lol I’m exaggerating again, it’s just the story of my hair, but since my hair means everything to me, it’s basically the same as the story of my life (literally then). 😂 For this post I stopped by @ Bozzaar, the new place to be in Wiekevorst (and further than that as well, for sure!). 

Okay, so first of all; let me tell you all a story about a mouse named Lorry Lenthe.🐭🎶 By nature I’m a brunette, but I always wanted blonde(r) hair. That’s why about a year ago I decided to take the plunge. After 2 months I already went back to the hairdresser to make it a little less light. You have to know; no one was allowed to touch my hair at first, besides from the team of The Cliént in Antwerp. But after a while my gut feeling started telling me that I needed a new hairdresser, and that I actually wanted to go back to black (lol, not black, but back to my roots, so that I could become the dark brunette that I always had been). And that’s how I found out about Bozzaar.

Bozzaar is the new hotspot in Wiekevorst, but even if you don’t live there, it’s def worth the trip! Bozzaar is a beautiful business founded by Astrid, and this girl is the sweetest. She also has the talent of understanding what you want, even when you don’t explain it that clearly (like me 💁🏽). She immediately suggested some things, and I decided to let it up to her, and that she could do whatever she thought was best.

And guess what? She created the exact look that I wanted. How is that possible?? I’m very hard to please, and definitely when it comes to my hair. She chose not to go for the ‘natural’ colors, but more for an ashy color. Can this girl get an ‘amen’? 🙌🏻🌟 I’m so happy with the result, it’s surreal.

For real, this trip was more stress to me than you would think. Only 2 hairdressers in my life had ever touched my hair before this trip, and now I can proudly say that third time’s the charm. Astrid was the third and the last person that will ever touch my hair. 😂 She did a more than great job, and I’m also so happy that I’ve found a hairdresser that I can rely on and go to without stressing in advance about whether it will be pretty or not. From now on; no one touches my hair besides from Astrid.

I also got some products, since Astrid knows that only the best is good enough for freshly colored hair. I got a shampoo, conditioner and mask from Matrix Biolage. These products make sure that your hair stays healthy, and they’re all available @ Bozzaar.

For the boys amongst you; Bozzaar can also do your hair! Maybe you can make it a trip for your girlfriend ànd you, so that you both look flawless. 😂💁🏽


3 Products: Matrix Biolage
Bozzaar: Dorp 11, 2222 Wiekevorst (Belgium).
Bozzaar: Facebook page (they reply quickly to questions!)
Pictures of the Bozzaar business: Lisa Helsen Photography

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