Having the guts to make donuts


Donuts, who donut love them (see what I did there??); If you don’t love them, you can stop reading already. Sorry not sorry 😂💁🏽. But enough of my cheesy jokes, I’m starting this post rn. So today I’m trying to make donuts, and of course I had to give you guys some updates and the recipe!

I’ve loved donuts since I was a small baby (not that I was allowed to eat them already then 😉👶🏽), and that love obviously has never gone away. I like the ‘basic’ ones the most, so just with white or pink (duh) glaze on top, or with some sugar as a topping. I once had one with chocolate as a topping and caramel as a filling, but that wasn’t my kind of flavor. Just keeping it simple today as well, since -okay, I might have told my mom I made them for her- I’m the one eating them the most (read: all).

What do you need for 20 donuts:
🍩 2 eggs
🍩 2dl of milk
🍩 1tsp of salt
🍩 760gr of flour
🍩 12gr of instant yeast
🍩 50gr of (melted) butter
🍩 20gr of granulated sugar
🍩 sunflower oil to deep fry with
🍩 some sugar for the topping (or chocolate or whatever you want)

🍩 Blend the flour, salt, sugar and yeast together.
🍩 Add the milk, eggs and butter and knead it to a flexible dough. Cover it up with a towel and let it rest for 2 hours, until the volume of the dough has doubled.
🍩 Roll out the dough until it has a thickness of 1cm. Stick out come circles (with a glass or something else) and stick some smaller circles out of the former circles with a smaller glass or something else.
🍩 Put the donuts on a baking plate (that has been greased with oil), cover it up with a towel and let is rest for another 1/2 or 1 hour. The size of the donuts will be doubled.
🍩 Heat up the deep fryer to 160°C and bake the donuts for 2mins (until they’re goldish, brown). Let them leak out and cool down.
🍩 Then the last and most fun part: decoration!! You can make glaze (powered sugar and a little bit of water. You can add some coloring agent if you want to), or you can cover them up with chocolate or sugar. Anyway, if you want different toppings, try it out! Let me know how you decorated them!

That’s it!!
Bon appetit


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