Guest: The Beautician (+GIVEAWAY!)

Hi there!

Today I’m introducing a special guest @ Lucky Finds: Elien from The Beautician! And as you can see from the header image (and others); this girl has some talent. I normally don’t wear a lot of makeup, simply because I have no clue where to start. I always see these gorgeous makeup looks on instagram etc, but never managed to get that perfect result without looking like my little cousin tried something on my face. 🤷🏽‍♀️

But that era has ended today, since today I met The Beautician. In less than an hour she created this look, like how is that possible??? This look is -to me- perfect for a night out, or some fancy dinner. However, if you’re used to wearing makeup often, you can easily wear it during the day as wel. I went grocery shopping with this makeup, and no one looked at me in a strange way, so I think it’s socially accepted to wear this all day. 😂 Lol, where do we even have to worry about. Message: If you like it, wear it.

⚠️PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT⚠️: Elien and I have teamed up so that all of you get the chance to win a makeover for 2! The lucky winners will be pampered by Elien and she’ll do your (and your friend’s or mom’s or anyone else’s) makeup for free! Go to my Instagram (or Facebook) page to learn more! 

Okay so I’m going to (try to) explain to you guys how to get this look. However, to the makeup gurus that are reading; don’t shoot me if I say something wrong, please. 😂 Also, if you have any other questions; feel free to contact The Beautician!!

So Elien started with a primer, so that my makeup wouldn’t fade throughout the day. After that, she used a CC cream to give me a subtile tan. Then, she started with my eyes. I’ll tell you in advance, I have tattooed eyeliner, so the one in the first pictures is my tattoo. Elien applied some makeup on top of it, and afterwards she redid my eyeliner manually!!

So for my eyes; of course she started with a transparant primer as well. After that, she started putting on eyeshadows. She used 3 colors from an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. She used the colors ‘Marina’, ‘Muse’ and ‘NYC’. She started with the lightest color and then she applied the darker colors. For my eyebrows she used a powder from Smashbox. As a mascara, she chose one from Revitalash, if you’re interested in buying one, you can do that @ The Beautician!

For my lips Elien used the Matte Me Ultra Smooth Matte Cream n°1037 (the color is called ‘shabby chic’). This one dries very quickly and stays almost a whole day, I would say 10 hours!

🍀 Good luck in the GIVEAWAY!! 🍀


Contact The Beautician:

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