Knit with a split

Hi there!!

This week I’ve finally found some time to shoot some pictures for a fashion post, and I’m thrilled to hear what you guys think off it. It’s an outfit that’s rather special (in comparison with my other outfits), but I just love to wear it.

Even though it’s a special outfit, it’s very simple at the same time as well. It’s a knitted dress, with 2 ‘high’ splits on both left and right sides. Since it’s knitwear, you can wear it when the weather is chilly (it also has long sleeves), but thanks to the splits it’s wearable when the sun’s out as well. You then don’t need to worry about your legs not getting the tan they deserve, nor that you’ll get cold (lol 😂)

Since this dress is an eyecatcher, I decided to keep it simple with my accessoires. I chose to go all black, but this dress goes along just as well with a bright colored jacket or something. For shoes I chose my basic Adidas sneakers and as a jacket my faux leather jacket from Zara.

I love this outfit, since it’s great to explore the city. On a sunny day (something rare in Belgium 😂) it’s perfect as well, since it’s fresh during the day in the sun and warm enough for the evening.

What do you think about it?

Dress: H&M
Jacket: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Tote Bag: Mark and Graham

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