Guacamole deluxe


Today I’m going to give you my ‘secret’ recipe forΒ the best guacamole ever. For real, this is not some basic guacamole, it’s like an upgraded luxurious version.Β πŸ˜‚Those who’re following me on Instagram, have probably already seen this guacamole in one of my many Instastories, but today I’m giving you the recipe.

As you could expect; this recipe is as simple as possible. This makes sense, since (1) I’m the one making it and (2) it’s for guacamole, so it can’t get very hard, right πŸ’πŸ½

What you need:
🌟 nachos
🌟 2 avocados
🌟 smoked salmon
🌟 cherry tomatoes
🌟 a little bit of mustard
🌟 a little bit of greek yoghurt

🌟 Squash the 2 avocados until they’re smooth
🌟 Cut the salmon and some tomatoes in small pieces and stir them under the avocado
🌟 Add small spoon of greek yoghurt and a tiny little bit of mustard (for real, add as much as your pinky nail is big!!)

That’s itttttt!!
Ready for a TV night with your lover/friend, or just ready to start appetizing!
Let me know your varieties of guacamole, if you have some other good recipes!


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