Hair routine


Wow, my latest beauty post did great so THANK YOU for that!! Since then, I received messages about my hair. Turns out there is some mystery about it; do I have curled or straight hair? That’s a secret I’ll never tell… 😏 you know you love me, XOXO… Haha jk!! Contrary to what most of you thought (from the people that requested this post) I naturally have curled hair. But what kind of curls I have really depends on what products I use. 

I straighten my hair very often (with a Steampod or a regular straightening iron), so healthy hair def is key for me. But even when I want my curls to be ‘beach wave-like’, I still use tons of products. While showering, it’s the same routine for both styles; shampoo, conditioner and a mask for my dry ends (I prefer a shampoo from Paul Mitchell and Gliss Kur for the conditioner and mask). I also don’t use another comb than my 2 favorites (they have the same system): the peachy smelled from OhK! and my Tangle Angel. These brushes make sure you don’t harm your hair or yourself while detangling your hair.

If I’m going for straightened hair I use the Paul Mitchell Straight Works smoothening gel (see green tube bellow). I put some in my hair when my hair is still wet, and some more after I’m done straightening it. When I’m using my Steampod I use the L’Oréal Steampod products, of course.

But most questions were about how I get my hair wavy-like, as in one of my (too) many selfies 💁🏽😂. I’ll post that selfie under this post. Well, if I want these waves, I use my shampoo, conditioner and a mask as usual, but I use other products after taking my shower. I apply a small amount of Paul Mitchell Ultimate Wave gel (2nd tube in line from the purple products in pic bellow) on my wet hair, and I just let it dry by air, so no blowdryer gets involved for this hairstyle. I also make sure that I don’t sleep on my wet hair, since that already has turned out in tragic experiences 😉. When my hair is dry I apply some Paul Mitchell Twirl Around gel (1ste tube in line from the purple products in the picture bellow) for a finishing touch. That’s it! Oh yeah, if I want my curls to be bigger (so not beach wave-style), I use the 4th products in line the “Full circle leave-in treatment”.

NOTE: I don’t comb my hair when I wear it curled. 🐩 If my  hair turns out to be fuzzy after one day, I apply some of the Paul Mitchell Straight Works smoothening gel.

I hope this satisfies your wishes!


Conditioner + mask (not in pics): Gliss Kur
Steampod (not in pics) + products for Steampod: L’Oréal
All other products: Paul Mitchell (available @ De Cliént Antwerp)
Peachy-smelled comb: OhK!
Tangle Angel: available @JohnBeerens

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