Flying high in my boyfriend jeans


Today I’m showing you my second (and already the last 💔) outfit post from my trip to Barcelona. As the previous outfit it had to be comfortable to explore the city to the fullest, ànd in order to catch my flight. ✈️️

Therefore I decided that my baggy, destroyed boyfriend jeans were perfect for this occasion. I like boyfriend jeans a lot, but I think it’s hard to find the right fit, since it has to be baggy, but not too much. This one fits great, so I was ready to wander through Barcelona for the last time (this trip).

Because these trousers are destroyed, I’ve combined them with a simple, classy, nude sweater so that my outfit won’t look trashy. This one is from H&M as well (as in my previous outfit post ), so H&M is doing a good job in knitwear lately! 🤗

My accessoires consist of my Adidas Superstars (again, I know, but my feet had to survive the long strolls through the city, right? 🙄😜), my oversized sunnies and my cross body bag (very useful for a citytrip!).

It’s a wrap! I’m already thinking about a next citytrip, so make sure to let me know what your fav destination is!

Sweater: H&M
Trousers: Mango
Sneakers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Tom Ford
Crossbody bag: Parfois
Scarf: No Time Webshop

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