5 hotspots in Barcelona


As you’ve probably noticed due to the spam of my Barcelona pictures on Instagram (attention; it’s not over yet haha I’m sorryyyy 😂); I’ve been on a short citytrip to Barcelona. I had a great time, and almost forgot how pretty that city is (and what a great fashion paradise?!). But describing all the things I did in particular, and what my thoughts were on that, isn’t that entertaining to read. Therefore; a super short list of 5 must visit hotspots in Barcelona! 

  1. Niño Viejo
    This Mexican restaurant has it al; everything just feels right. The tacos, the music, the vibes and even the tablecloths were all Mexican. It’s founded by the chef (Ferran Adrià) of the celebrated restaurant El Bulli, so my expectations were high. The food was amazing, of course. Especially the oysters were perfect to me.
  2. Bodega 1900
    This is another restaurant from Ferran Adrià, and this one was even better than El Niño Viejo. The dishes were a little more sophisticated, and that’s what I liked more about this restaurant.
  3. Flax & Kale
    This business literally has such a cool concept, and I’m praying that it comes to Belgium as well. In Barcelona, you have huge stores from the main chain companies. H&M is one of them, and when we were shopping I noticed that they’ve a restaurant inside of their store?! Like what?? It’s a healthy concept store with acaï bowls, smoothies, chai lattes and everything nice.
  4. Faborit
    Another hidden beauty, next to one of the Gaudi houses on the main shopping street. You don’t really see this business from the outside, since you have to go through a little hallway before reaching the actual restaurant. You can compose your own salads, or just take a bread roll (and they’ve a lot of sweet things as well). The best part; there is a super cute terrace in the back!
  5. Room Mate Carla Hotel
    You obviously will need a place to stay when visiting Barcelona, so why not do that in the most fashionable part of Barcelona? For real; the Gucci store was right around the corner. From this hotel, we could visit everything by foot (the Sagrada familia was in our street and the shopping street was just one block away). Perfect location; ✔️️. The interior of this hotel is amazing, perfect for insta-addicts like me! Another advantage of this hotel is the big amount of space you have in your room. That’s perfect for all your clothes that you b(r)ought! And last but not least; the bathroom (super important to me!!) The shower was an actual goal; for you to discover that one on your stay! 😉

So that’s it! Of course I could’ve written way more about my trip, and some other hotspots, but I had to keep it ‘short’ in order not to bore you! If you have any extra questions; just send them to me (email / insta DM / contact form)!


Niño Viejo: site
Bodega 1900: site
Flax & Kale: site
Faborit: site
Room mate carla: site

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