Babyblue through Barcelona


I’m back in Belgium from my trip to Barcelona, but of course I did more than just shopping, eating and checking out some culture. I didn’t forget about my blog! Of course I’m back with more fashion posts, now that my exams (and short vacay) are over.

While visiting Barcelona, I had to wear something comfortable in order to explore the city. I decided to go for a simple white jeans and a basic sweater. Note: my trousersΒ were dirty after 2 hours (aka 1 meal), not that simple (or clever) as I thought it was. πŸ™„πŸ˜‰

The weather was fine, we reached 20Β°C and had sunshine all the time, but the wind was rather chilly, so I wore a babyblue sweater with an oversized fit. It’s one from H&M, so I was kind of shocked that I liked it that much, since most of the times the sweaters from H&M don’t fit me well (or the quality isn’t what it has to be). But this one does such a great job, I even bought one extra in navy blue.

In order not to get cold (I somehow manage to get coldΒ all the time), I took a jacket with me just to be sure. I like the color and fit from this jacket, and I think this is the most surprising item I’ve bought in 2017 (so far); It’s from Bershka (a brand that I normally don’t buy, don’t ask me why) and the faux leather doesn’t look cheap at all!

When wandering through a city only one word really pops up in my head; sneakers. An essential, in my opinion. So I chose a basic pair of Adidas Super Stars!

That was my outfit for the first day of Barcelona! I hope you likeΒ it!


Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Crossbody bag: Parfois
Sweater: H&M Conscious

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