Christmas chocolates


Christmas is over, but I’m not over it yet! Therefore I decided to give you guys 1 last X-mass recipe, since some might have some late X-mass parties and one is never tired of little Christmas gifts. Besides; you can easily skip the topping and like that you just have ordinary chocolates, that taste just as good. 

What you need:
✨ 80gr of coconut oil
✨ little cupcake papers
✨ decoration (optional)
✨ 150gr of powdered sugar
✨ Rice Krispies (you can add how much you want)
✨ 400gr of milk chocolate (tip:the cheaper it is, the better it melts)

✨ melt the chocolate and coconut oil in 1 cooking pot and add the powdered sugar
✨ add Rice Krispies until you think it’s enough (it’s your choice)
✨ put the ‘dough’ in little cupcake papers. It’s the easiest if you use 2 spoons for this
✨ add decorations if you want to
✨ put it in the fridge for 1-2 hours (until they’re hard)

Readyyyy! I hope you like these sweet treats just as much as I do.


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