Slice case


Girls and boys, I’ve found the iPhone case you’ve been looking for whole your life! 

Everyone knows the struggle; you want your iPone to be protected, but you hate the fact that every case makes your fancy phone look like it’s huge, thick, bulky etc. It’s always a struggle; protecting your baby (read: phone) with cases which will often make it look thick and bulky or living on the edge and let your baby (again, read: phone) go through life all naked en unprotected. 💔😂

I’ve found the solution; it’s called Slice and it’s the world’s thinnest iPhone case. As you look through the pics; it’s satisfying to see how good the case fits my iPhone, especially around the camera. I made some pics with my former case (one from Spigen, see first pic) and with this new case (all other pics).

You have to admit; you really don’t see the Slice case around my phone. I think it’s even satisfying to see how good the case fits around the camera of my iPhone (see pic on top of this post). I chose a clear case, but they also have black, blue and pink cases. And I think other colors are coming soon, since they’ve just launched! A case costs €14 – €17 and you get a free glass screen protector (with a value of €20) with every purchase!


iPhone Case: Slice

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