I see, I see what you don’t see and it is …

A new sweater from Bieriel!! Open your eyes, and you’ll see the true beauty of their sweaters.Β πŸ€— Another eye opener is the heat you’ll feel if you’re wearing it, since it’s made with a fleece-like material on the inside.

This sweater is easy to combine and gives you a comfy, relaxed look with an extra touch. The white pads on the arms give it a rather sassy look, and the letters in a glittery, white font give it a girly touch. I decided to wear a white pair of skinny, cropped jeans with it and a pair of beige sneakers.

That’s it! ready in 5 minutes and good to goΒ all day. It’ll evenΒ take you less thanΒ 5 minutes to buy a sweater (or a Xmas sweater!!)Β online, when you know that you can use my discount code ‘LENTHE’ in order to get a 10% discount!!


Sweater: Bieriel
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Cebo

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