Oh K!


Already stressing out over finding the right Xmas presents, the cold weather, exams, or other things? I stress about almost everything in my life, for real; I even get stressed about what I should pick for dinner in a restaurant before I even get there. I really have a “I don’t know what I want syndrome” 💁🏽😂 But stressing is bad, bad for your skin. So what to do about it in a fun way? 

I present you Oh K! beauty products. A.K.A. Cute wellness @ home and very usable when you’re doing a girls night. It’s a new brand, and they’re already doing more than great, they even already won gold for the beauty awards 2016! And once you use their products, that’s not a big surprise. They’re even already being sold @ Asos.

These beauty products are based on Korean products and they’re too cute to handle, especially the comb stole my heart. Perfect to put under your Christmas tree.🎄🎅🏽 I got a box with tons of stuff, so where should I begin…

Let’s start with the panda mask! This mask contains green tea and apple (no wonder why it smells that good) which cools down your skin. Lay this mask on your face, leave it on for 15mins and massage the residues into your skin. For that last step I used the cleansing pads. These cleansing pads can also be used to apply your toner/cleanser to your skin.

Next up; the hand mask. This is my favorite (or is the peachy comb my fav?), since my hands always get so cold that it really hurts. ❄️ They also get dried out very quick, so this mask and my hands are a match made in heaven. This is a product of what I’ll make sure I always have it in stock. 😜 A plus about this product is that you leave the gloves on for 20mins, but you can still use your iPhone 😂

One of the last products that I have to mention is the comb. How cute can a comb get??? It even makes your hair smell like peaches. So it’s def a must-have. Also the little tattoos are too cute to handle, and they def come right on time for festive events like Xmas with your friends. Last but not least, the hair-ties have to be mentioned, especially the ‘swirled’ ones; they keep your ponytail fashionable, but don’t leave the traces of it afterwards.


All products: Oh K!

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