Metallic X fluffy

Hola mis amigos!

I’ve stopped crying over the cold weather, and started getting more excited for Christmas!! And Christmas means gifts, trees, santa, coziness and festive outfits. And let’s talk about that last thing, I decided to give my outfit a glam and a fluffy aspect in order to celebrate Xmas in the right way. 

Well, I normally chose 1 eye-catcher and keep the other items rather basic, but it’s Xmas, so you can’t get overdressed. Therefore I chose to go all the way with my eye-catchers this time. I chose for a metallic skirt (!trend alert!) and a sweater with a fluffy, faux fur patch. A metallic skirt gives your look a quite ‘cold’ look, and I wanted my outfit to be cozy, so the sweater does a great job in that aspect.

My shoes are my last eye-catcher, and as you can guess; I love them. They’re classic  nude/pink ankle boots, with a silver metallic heel. They are very very tight too, which is great for me since most shoes are too wide for me.

All of these items don’t really need extras, but for Christmas it’s allowed to add some more than usual. Since these items are special in their own way, you can wear them individually with only basic items, which I love!

Fluffy sweater: Seen at Celine
Skirt: Zara
Ankle boots: Public Desire

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