Fur and stripes to start fall right


Fall is now def in town. I still haven’t figured out yet whether I like that or not. My toes and fingers are already freezing off of my body, but furthermore I’m okay. 😉

These fall blues had to heal, so I decided to wear my fav pants of all time: my white/blue/orange (yes, it has orange in it!) striped trousers from Jacqueline De Yong. They fit like pyjama pants!

No better color to fight fall blues with than blue, so I combined the trousers with a super duper cute, blue blouse from Zara. It has wide sleeves and a lace-up back, and even in fall collections this trend stays hot! Not literally ‘hot’ because even though the blouse has 2 layers, I still chattered my teeth. But that was not that big of a deal: It gave me an excuse to wear my fav faux fur bomber jacket once more!

Also, by wearing the jacket, the pants had less of a ‘chilly-willy’ look. 😂 As I mentioned in a former post, this jacket gives your outfit a special touch of glam instantly. No easier way to pimp your outfit a little ànd get warmed up at the same time.

To complete my outfit I wore just as comfy sneakers as my trousers are: Adidas sneakers. Nooooo sneaker is as comfy as that one, but that’s a fact you already know.


Blouse: Zara
Trousers: Jacqueline De Yong
Jacket: Rinascimento (@Helou Fashion)
Sneakers: Adidas
Necklace: Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde (Marseille)

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