It’s halloween, witches!

Boo!! 👻

Wohooow, the new Lemons&Lifestyle blog launched today, and I couldn’t be more excited!  Reasons enough to celebrate! But first: what to expect from this Lemons&Lifestyle 2.0?
– More posts (I’ll try my best to post something every week!)
– More topics (Fashion impression, food, more reviews etc.)
– A better looking blog (which is more fun to read and to wander through)
Because of that; time for something special!! Besides, it’s also halloween, so I definitely  had to do something!

For this post I teamed up with Grace (from GraciousCosmetics) aka the best makeup artist in town! I gave her a mood board of popart stuff, and she gave it a special touch. That ‘touch of Grace’ made the result beyond more fantastic than I could’ve dreamt: therefore thank you Grace!!!

So the concept was popart and I love it (and the way Grace made it) since it’s something unique and great for a halloween party if you still want to look pretty/girly. It’s not really terrifying, but hey I dressed up okay? 💁

I even let my nails play dress-up in halloween theme: nude basics with green/blue eyes (thanks to Estilla Nails). I could of course (try to) describe what Grace did during the process of making me look like a popart queen, but that’s not my job: if you’re interested in that give her a follow (on Instagram or Facebook). I’ll just show you the results!!

What did you dress up like for halloween?
Let me know!


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