Sun’s out buns out

Today the sun was slightly shining and the temperature was okay, so I could not resist to put on a skirt for the last time this year (without tights). I got this skirt a few weeks ago and I had to have it. My closet needed this skirt! It’s cute/girly/A-line (which is hot right now!) ànd fall-proof! What does a skirt need more?

To combine the skirt I would recommend 2 options: a khaki top or a dusty pink top. A white top fits  as wel, but finding the right tone of white is a challenge (especially for me and my lazy ass 😉 ). I went for khaki. The sweater I’m wearing is a thin sort of knitted sweater, and it has a split on both sides. For those who’re wondering: no, the splits aren’t visible since my skirt covers them up.

The jacket I’m wearing is my favorite jacket that I’ve bought so far, and I bought it at Helou. It’s a white fur jacket and I love the fact that the sleeves are so big, since I think it gives it the allure of a bomber jacket (which is a huge trend right now!). The ‘stripes’ made in the fur also give it an extra special effect. Wear this jacket on a basic outfit, and you’re totally ready to go!

The shoes I’m wearing are probably already spotted by you: I wore them in my previous outfit post. No need to explain why I love them (they have fur pompons and they’re pink!!). My bag is from Lockwood, and it’s a basic that takes care off all of your garbage (I don’t know about you, but my bags are always a sort of dumping site 😂) . It’s made out of real leather, so it becomes prettier the more often you wear it! Also for the students amongst you; it’s a great bag, it fits my laptop (13inch), books and I even have got space left to make it messy. 💁

Oh yeah, after shooting these pics we had the best coffee ever @ Le Mustache. I wish I had made a picture of my Bueno Latte, but I was too excited to eat/drink it so that I was too late to take a picture of it. But no worries: a picture of one of their ridiculously great coffees (or bagels) will probably be uploaded to my insta (once I get the patience to take a picture first instead of immediately eating/drinking it 😜).

Hope you liked it!!
xxx Lenthe

skirt: Zara
Sweater: Zara
Jacket: Rinascimento (available @ Helou Fashion in Wiekevorst)
Sneakers: River Island
Coffee (not on the pics 💔): Le Mustache, Tiensestraat 129 in Leuven.

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