Review: Minetan ‘1 Hour Express Tan’


After having a depression about my fading tan, I am back on track to start blogging. JK: I was just so busy with starting university, that I barely had time left to blog. But no worries: I’m still alive. Even better: I’m still alive AND I have found a great self tanner, so no need to get depressed about your tan now that fall is right behind the corner (read: right in front of your face).

The tanner I got is from Minetan, and it looks quite professional. I was given the One Hour Express Tan with a formula that I had never heard of: you apply the self tanner with a face cloth on a clean skin and then you get to choose: rinse after 1hour to get a natural tan, rinse after 2 hours to get a darker tan or rinse after 3 hours to get a very dark tan. Easy, right? Like that, you can test out the product yourself, since there is enough in the bottle for a whole fall+winter season! Or you can just read my blog, since I tested it out for you. (I would read my blog, if I were you 😉)

When applying the product, don’t be scared of the extreme dark color that the foam has. Your tan won’t be thàt dark instantly, so no need to worry. I applied it with a washing cloth, but it’s recommended to apply it with the special Application Mitt that Minetan has (they were out of stock when I got my Expres Tan). I decided to wait for 1 hour, before I rinsed it (during 45sec with lukewarm water). My tan is good for me, but if you want it to be darker I advise you to wait 2-3 hours. Note: the self tanner can (and will😜) be used over your whole body (so even your face), just to test it out, I only did my legs.

But now the most important part: the results. In the upper photo you can see that my legs could use some extra color. I was terrified that I would get an orange skin, since I would be embarrassed if that happened to me. Nothing like that did actually happen to me, I got a nice tan, without any darker spots! See the result below:

For those who are interested: Minetan has an online ‘test’ to see which tone of self tanner you need. They also have an ‘instant foam’ which gives you your desired tan in 2-3 minutes! Check them out by clicking here.


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