Fall is (not really) in town

Hi babes!

Soooooo Belgium is cooling down step by step, but as you probably know: the climate in Belgium is crazy as a coconut. 2 days of indian summer, 1 day of fall weather and then more days with tropical temperatures. And when did I decide to take pictures for a blogpost? Right, on the only day of fall…. So yeah, here I am, right on time for my first fall post. I think you really can’t go more basic than this outfit, but hey, it’s a fall outfit so it should be fashionable to go outside and comfy to snuggle up with with a hot macchiato.

Back to my post now, my fall post. I’m wearing a pair of (too) new (so too white) Adidas sneakers. I know, I know, everyone has these sneakers, and for a long time I refused to ‘go with the flow’ and buy the normal Superstars, but mine (with grey snake print and babyblue laces) aren’t easy to combine. So I needed some basics for basic outfits like this.
The sweater I’m wearing is from H&M, It’s a colour that I normally wouldn’t buy, but this sweater was a little bit too boring in black/grey/white. And I actually like this colour, since it fits my skin tone. It’s also super soft, which is rare for H&M: I often feel like their knitwear is quite itchy.
My jeans are a destroyed pair from Zara and it’s literally my best fitting/sitting jeans. For real, I have pairs that are double the price of this one and still this one is the winner. It feels like wearing a legging! Another plus point is the fact that it turned out to be a ‘body curve’ jeans, so it accentuates your booty (not that I have that much of a booty 💔😂 ) and other shapes.
And last but def not least: the biker jacket that I’m wearing. It’s a fake leather jacket from Zara, it costed only like €50 and still I get reactions where it is from and that it looks like real leather. It’s the one item in my closet that never disappoints me, since it adds a sassy touch to your outfit in one second. Look at the 2 previous pics: the one without a jacket has the attitude of a “sweet as sugar”, while the one with a jacket screams “hard as ice” (but maybe that’s because of my resting bitch face syndrome 😜). You get what I mean, right?
This was it, my first fall fashion post! Hope you enjoyed it!
xxx Lenthe
Sweater: H&M
Jeans: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas

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