Feeling like the Pink Panter in my Le Touriste Perdu outfit


This post is all about pink: my pink shoes, pink sweater and pink bag (is it a bag? is it a drawing? is it even real? who knows… 😜). Sooooo since it’s becoming more and more obvious that summer is over, I needed some pink things to cheer me up. The team of Le Touriste Perdu came right on time to save me: a pink sweater and a pink bag, what does a girl need more? Add these cute pink sneakers (with pompoms!) and you’ll feel (read:Β look) like you have it all together.

I can already hear you thinking “What’s with that bag?” Well, it’s a sort of 2D-bag: it gives the impression of being 2D, but it has a third dimension so that you can fit in everything you need. For real, a lot of mess can be made in this cute bag. Your laptop, wallet, an extra jacket, a scarf,… Don’t underestimate this bag! They come in other cute colors as well, and for the boys among you: no worries, they also exist in less girly colors and shapes! If you still can’t figure out this ‘optical illusion bag’ I recommend you to just buy one (πŸ˜›Β you can use myΒ discount code, just read on!) and see it in real life. I zoomed in a hundred times on the site and still didn’t have a clue of what the bag actually looked like, the awareness only came after I had it in my hands!

Another thing the team of Le Touriste Perdu sent me to save me was this ultra cute sweater. It says ‘Pain au chocolat’ and instantly turns a smile on my face (as you can seeΒ πŸ˜‰). It also fits great since the wrists are so small. All girls will probably understand the struggle: you put on a casual sweater, but it instantly makes you look like you gained 5kgs…. Well, that’s over now. This sweater has a thight waist and thight wrists, so it’s not that shapeless as other sweaters sometimes are.

My sneakers are from River Island and they have these cute furry pompons on top of it. As I said in aΒ former post: fur on shoes will become a real hype this fall/winter so you really can’t go wrong with these sneakers. Adding that they’re pink says enough, I guess.

If you’re just as crazy as I am about this bag and sweater: check out their other pieces! They have the coolest sweaters, T-shirts, snapbacks and bags!Β Use my discount code LENTHE10Β at the checkout in order to get aΒ 10% discount! Shop onlineΒ @Β www.letouristeperdu.com

xxx Lenthe

Bag: Le Touriste Perdu
Sweater: Le Touriste Perdu
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: River Island

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