Collab: Willow Body

Coucou!! Here I am again, after a great vacay in Spain! Due to all the time I spent tanning, I had no time left to blog, but as you can see right now: I’m still alive and kicking. I also didn’t do nothing but tan, I also took my time to review this new scrub I got in my mailbox right on time: Willow Body Black Coconut scrub. Because hey, tanning all day long is one thing, but maintaining your tan is another!

Since my life is nothing like that of Alexis Ren, I don’t have time to travel all the time. So that means that I have to make an effort to keep my tan as long as possible, in order to keep myself happy 😉. I already have the luck that my skin has some tan of its own, but the ‘tanner’ the better, right? The longer I stay tanned, the happier I am.
A healthy skin is a happy skin, so I decided to use only ‘skin-friendly’ products, nothing harmless touches my skin!! Therefore, I couldn’t be more exited to try out the Willow Body Coconut scrub. Only the package says enough: a golden package for a golden glow. But apart from the package, this scrub only contains 100% natural products, so this just can’t harm your skin in any way. That last thing is very important to me, since I have a sensitive skin.
I’m quite a fan of scrubbing anyway, so through the year I usually scrub once a week. But when I finally get myself the tan I desired, my skin deserves more, since tanning is very tiring for your skin. So from now on: I scrub once in 2 days. This scrub really makes your skin feel like it’s one from a baby, and for the coffeelovers among you: it smells as good as the taste of the first coffee of the day.

But what makes this scrub better than other scrubs? Well, I’ll tell you:

  • The package: it’s just way too cute and very handy. They come in zip bags in travel sizes, so take some packages with you for several days, and no mess will be made! + for the Instagram addicts: admit it, this package is made to add to your feed!
  • Jojoba and rosehip oil: they’ll nourish and hydrate your skin + no harm since it’s natural
  • High amount of caffeine: this makes your blood flow and is proved to be helpful in order to ‘heal’ cellulite and stretch marks.
  • The people behind the brand: they’re way too cute and friendly! Seriously if you have any questions after reading this post (if that’s even possible? 😂😜), just ask them! They’ll do everything in their power to help you out the best they can.
Conclusion: I would definitely recommend this product to you. It’s just a pleasure to scrub with and it makes your bathroom look fancy instantly (gold, gold, gold!). I don’t even have to apply body oil after having a shower, since it hydrates your skin at the same time.
Go and get yours now online! And make sure to follow them on Instagram!

PS: thanks to Willow Body for sending this!! My bathroom will never lack your scrub from now on, it’s a keeper! 😜 xxx

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