Baggy boyfriend jeans ft. lovely LnKnits


Here I am again, exploding from enthusiasm to write a new outfit post!! For this post, I went to Ikea, and what’s a must when going to Ikea: a comfortable outfit so you can do what you gotta do, namely: load tons of cute furniture (for my room next year!!) into your shopping cart. No need to struggle with a fragile dress or top, so I went for a pair of destroyed, baggy boyfriend jeans.

At first, I always doubted whether a pair of boyfriend jeans would fit me etc. I was afraid that it wouldn’t be elegant, but if you wear it right, it’s just as elegant as a pair of skinny jeans and way more comfy! So message to all the ladies that are in doubt whether to buy a pair or not: just do it! (sporty spice over here 👟😉 haha,NOT). In the picture below, you can see that these jeans are destroyed (in the others pics it’s not very visible).
As I said: combine your baggy jeans with elegant pieces and it’s a match made in heaven! Normally I wear them with tight-fitting T-shirts, but today I decided to go comfy all the way! A basic, white, comfy T-shirt with a baggy sweater from (you can already guess it 😉)… LnKnits!!
No better way to take your comfy outfit to a higher level, than by wearing an LnKnits sweater/scarf/beanie/…! This sweater poured my outfit up with some color: baby blue! Baby blue (just as baby pink) are must-haves in your closet: it makes your outfit ‘softer’! I decided to let the blue come back in my Adidas Superstars, it’s all in the details!
Now my bag, my lovely bag… I could write a love poem for this bag, haha! I totally adore it because of 100 reasons (I’ll give you 4 😜): it was love at first sight, it was my 18th birthday present from my dad, it has my initials on it, it’s perfect to make a mess in (haha),… Do I need to say more?
Hope you liked it, I had a blast in Ikea shopping for my furniture for my room next year (in Leuven)!
T-shit: H&M
Sweater: LnKnits/LnAndes
Jeans: Mango
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: Mark and Graham

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