She who leaves a trail of glitter, is never forgotten


This is my second outfit post and once again: i’m THRILLED!!! Even more than the first time, if that’s possible 😜. My outfit was composed by a store with the sweeeeetest team I’ve ever known: Helou (it’s a multibrand store in this little village ‘Wiekevorst’). They have the coolest brands and they’re way too kind!! And I can know, since I’ve worked there 😉. Elyne and Patricia composed my outfit, and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better outfit to start fall in, than this one. They chose a mix of Essentiel Antwerp and Dexters, after having tried on many other cool outfits from Helou. Click “read more” (blow on the left) to read the whole post!

On the pictures, you can’t really see that my top is kind of glittery green, it seems to be black but it isn’t! It’s a top from Essentiel with 3/4 sleeves. Easy to wear in a skirt (since it has a tight model), or just on a pair of jeans!

My skirt is from Dexters, a brand founded by Tanja Dexters (for my international followers: she was Miss Belgium a few years ago) and I love her skirts most of all! She also has dresses and blouses (and basically everything you need in your closet), but her skirts are always a statement! This one just had to get a place on my blog.

And save the best for last: my over the top cool sneakers, these are from Essentiel and I adorethem. Fur on shoes will be a hype this fall (+Winter), and fringes made of fur will be seen on the streets as well: so having this pair in your closet is an absolute must! + They have glitters as well, so is it even a question that you neeeeed them??

Let me know what you think about this outfit!!
Top: Essentiel Antwerp
Skirt: Dexters
Shoes: Essentiel Antwerp
all available @ Helou
Louis van Bauwelstraat 16
2222 Wiekevorst 

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