Snuggled up in my soft sweater


So this is my first fashion/outfit post and I’m thrilled to show it to you! I chose to go for a very simple and comfy look, which still looks elegant. Purrrrfect to wear during fall when you have a lazy day but you still want to look good to go outside. This outfit literally screaaaams ‘comfy’, right??

The fact that it’s so comfy is mostly because of the super soft, oversized sweater from LNKnits. These sweaters never grow old, like for real I wear them all day, everyday. The fact that they’re so soft is because they’re made of baby alpaca wool, which keeps you warm while you still look cute (like for real, wear nothing under them and it’s like you’re snuggled up in a (fashionable) blanket all day). My bag is from O’ren, a super cool brand which is sort of a hype that never runs out of style. For real, everywhere I go, I spot a sweaterjunkie wearing one of their lit sweaters. You can’t do anything wrong with wearing O’ren. And the great news is: lately they came with handbags, and what for handbags?? How cool is this one?! Gives your outfit an instant boost of Belgian elegance.
My pants are from Zara and they actually weren’t ripped, they were closed on the knees, but I decided to cut them open, since I just like them more like this. The ripped jeans will stay a trend for another decade I think (read: “I hope”), because they’re just sassier than ‘regular’, unripped jeans. But anyway, I don’t always wear ripped jeans!! Regular jeans are still elegant. My sneakers are just basic sneakers from Adidas, but I think they have an extra ‘touch’ since they’re the higher model of the Superstar collection. Everyone has the lower model (I admit, I have them too!), so I wanted to go for a higher sneaker in order to make a little difference.
That’s it! I hope you liked my ‘basic’ outfit post!
Choker: New Look
Sweater: LNKnits / LNAndes
Jeans: Zara
Sneakers: Adidas
Bag: O’ren
Watch: Marc Jacobs

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